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Products on this page are all made of vinyl. The clear pockets are made of 16 gauge vinyl.

Vinyl folders fit magazines, brochures, songbooks, booklets, tracts, cell phones, 10x 7 tablets.  Clear for visual showing and retrieving.

Resolutions of clear pockets are clearer than shown on page with no cloudiness.

You can easily clean these products with 100% rubbing alcohol. This should remove any ink/marker spots that may get on the vinyl.

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Vinyl black folder 8-pocket

Velcro enclosure/12x17.5in.

Priced @ $25.00 ea.

Vinyl brown folder 8-pocket

Velcro enclosure/12x17.5in.

Priced @ $25.00 ea.

multicolored organizer

5 pockets/16x10.5in

priced @ $12.00 ea.


Medium bible jacket

gray trim/ back pocket

priced @ $7.00 ea.

Territory card holder

4 pocket/9.5x6.5in

priced @ $5.00 ea.

Tri-fold tract organizer

6 pocket/9.5x12in.

Priced @ $12.00 ea.



5-pocket organizer

black/red trim/16x10.5in

priced @ $10.00 ea.


8-pocket organizer

folds in half

16x10.5in/ black, red

Priced @ $14.00 ea.


2017 songbook jacket

Clear/Gray/blue gradient

sizes small/large

priced @ $3.00/$7.00 ea.



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